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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the frequently asked questions below! If you have one that isn't answered, feel free to send us a message or give us a call.

Do you take insurance?

Like many other healthcare providers, we have chose to not accept insurance at this time. After extensive research and experience, choosing to remain self-pay allows us to keep our costs lower and provide our patients with additional equipment, rehabilitation, and services within their visits that would not be allowed if we had to bill insurance. 

Insurance models have become exceedingly complicated for healthcare providers and ultimately, we want to ensure that our services are as affordable as they can possibly be.

Do you work with pregnancy?

Yes! We frequently see pregnant women through all phases of pregnancy. Many patients find that chiropractic treatments help alleviate the aches commonly associated with pregnancy and provide a much smoother labor and delivery process.

Do I get adjusted at my 1st Appointment?

After a thorough exam, our team will decide if any additional x-rays are needed to determine the adjustments your body requires, if you have any injuries, or pre-existing conditions that haven't been discovered yet. If our doctors are able to determine these without additional time to review and study your x-rays, then yes, all patients will be adjusted at their first visit.

However, if our team needs additional time to compile a comprehensive care plan for you, or if there are conditions that need further care - we may need to ask you to return for a follow up appointment.

Do adjustments hurt?

Adjustments typically aren't painful, though some patients experience minor discomfort after an appointment, due to muscle soreness. We can offer suggestions to decrease discomfort, such as using ice packs or a heating pad at our office and at home. We will also provide instructions on warming up beforehand and additional rehabilitative care for afterwards.

That being said, most patients leave with less pain than they had upon arrival. Progress takes time, but you may experience immediate relief after an adjustment or other services.


Let us know if you are sensitive to chiropractic care so we can help make your visit more enjoyable.

can my kids come to appointments?

We absolutely want to see your kids! In fact, some parents bring their children in for visits shortly after birth, as labor and delivery can leave a lasting impact on their nervous system. Subluxation can also occur as they run, jump, or fall. And in current years, kids who log plenty of screen time often experience neck pain or aches in their wrists. So, yes, please bring them!

can I receive adjustments after surgery?

Every situation is unique, but yes, it's generally okay to get chiropractic adjustments after back surgery. Our team will carefully review your imaging reports and surgery notes to make sure you're a good candidate for post-surgery adjustments.

Surgery often weakens the surrounding joints and muscles because they overcompensate during the recovery process. Chiropractic care can tackle these issues without disturbing the area where you received surgical treatment.

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